VOD REVIEW: Character actor Pantoliano makes grapes with From The Vine

It isn’t often these days you watch a film so full of charm and zest for life that it helps you escape the real world.

From The Vine may very well be the movie frustrated cinephiles need right now. The story of a man going through a moral crisis is something we can all relate to.

When CEO Marco quits his job and heads to Italy, his home country, on a whim, his family fights his every move. But reviving his grandfather’s vast, beautiful vineyard gives the man fulfillment, and his crazy dream makes him happier than riches ever could.

It’s a tale told 1,000 times, and yet, this iteration feels new, with its splendid backgrounds, wonderful cinematography and winning characters.

Joe Pantoliano — always a supporting character who steals the show — takes the lead and waltzes away with the film here.

Known for Bad Boys, Daredevil, The Sopranos, Memento and The Matrix, he is given a dream role, and he makes the most of it.

The film isn’t daring or incredibly dramatic, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Something with this type of daring exuberance can really transport people, and From The Vine does exactly that.

Let yourself be whisked away to wine country and forget the world outside for a while. You’ll be glad you did.

4/5 Stars

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