VOD REVIEW: Jolly Fisherman’s Friends a wonderful time

This well-to-do little flick was a hit in the U.K. last year, and already has a sequel in development.

Now, North American audiences are getting their chance with it, and I see Maritimers in particular connecting with the trials, tribulations and songs of wayward seafarers.

This story of 10 fisherman from Cornwall who get a record deal and put out their first record is a wonderful, irreverent good time.

The cast is impeccable, headed by James Purefoy, always charismatic and intriguing.

The writers and director Chris Fogin were onto something with this re-telling of a true story. It’s wild, whimsical and it has a wonderful beating heart at the centre.

You’ll find yourself tapping your toes, humming along and enjoying yourself thoroughly through the entire thing, and that’s exactly the kind of film we need right now.

3.5/5 Stars

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