VOD REVIEW: Volition a break-neck, intense sci-fi great

This critically acclaimed sci-fi tilt is finally coming to mass audiences, and it’s one of the best genre takes in years.

Winner of Best Picture at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival, this thriller about a clairvoyant man who tries to change the future after he sees his own death is defiantly original and sleek.

Writer-director Tony Dean Smith uses intense visuals and wonderful camera work to tell the tale of Jimmy, a down-on-his-luck man who sees visions of the future.

He’s pulled in by some former convict friends and tasked with figuring out how to get a set of diamonds to a buyer, using his skills. But when things go awry, Jimmy finds himself in a race against time to change the future that sees tragic consequences for those around him.

Adrian Glynn McMorran (of DiCaprio Oscar-winner The Revenant and CW show Arrow) is masterful here. The young actor gives a harrowing performance as Jimmy, and draws you in every second he’s on screen.

With supporting turns by capable thespians Magda Apanowicz, John Cassini and Bill Marchant for amazing performances as well. Cassini in particular stuns as a crime boss with a conscience.

This is a mind-bending, upending film and simply needs an audience. It’s one of the best of the year, and destined to by high on my top of 2020 list.

Volition is the kind of smart, well-written film that will make you happy you stayed in.

4.5/5 Stars

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