VOD REVIEW: Tainted a lazy concept with a mediocre cast

Not one person in half-measure crime film Tainted looks like they’re having fun, and not just because of the subject matter.

Ex-con Lance is recruited by the Aryan brotherhood and Russian mob to do a hit, which he begrudgingly has to fulfill if he wants to live a normal life.

Lance (Alan Van Sprang) meanders through dark sets as the script dictates, but never really looks like he cares about anything he’s doing. Emotionless, he kills his way to the top of the mob, but we never really care how or why.

Alberta director Brent Cote churns out a mince-meat, run-of-the-mill thriller and shows no real style of his own.

Even formidable Emmy nominee John Rhys-Davies, of Lord Of The Rings fame, can’t elevate this film, stuck in the lowest common denominator script and storytelling lull.

It’s hard for me to become bored in a thriller, but there wasn’t anything here to entice me. Sadly, my view of Rhys-Davies has been tainted permanently after this one.

1/5 Stars 

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