VOD REVIEW: Force Of Nature more a drizzle than a hurricane

Whoever does PR for this film deserves a raise and 15 years of favours from the casting director.

How anyone thought putting a man who went to jail for choking a female Hollywood executive and, well, Mel Gibson in a movie together needs to find a new calling.

I’m all for forgiveness in Hollywood, but a motion picture about two white actors — playing cops at that — saving the day from a gang of Puerto Rican thieves is just bad karma.

What’s worse? The movie itself — regardless of the background controversy it’s stirred — is an absolute trainwreck. From tone-deaf directing to a failure to capitalize on important conversations about police brutality and systemic racism, we’re given “entertainment” that mirrors the worst of current society.

Director Michael Polish — interestingly married to leading lady Kate Bosworth, who I’ve enjoyed since 2002’s Blue Crush — just doesn’t stick the landing here.

The gun chases and fight scenes are poorly orchestrated, Bosworth is barely serviceable, and there are no supporting characters worth even rooting for.

Congrats to these two actors — Emile Hirsch and Gibson –on their sobriety and good health, but man, they need new agents who can see optics.

Gibson is an Oscar-winner who as recently as last year was stringing together a line-up of great indie action hits. Hirsch is an acclaimed actor who’s gotten clean and has impressed in Alpha Dog, Into The Wild and Savages. Not to mention he was just in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

These two were on their way to atoning and making career comebacks, and Force Of Nature is a huge step backwards.

The only good thing about Force Of Nature is the only man who saved Dexter’s final season: David Zayas. One only wishes he hadn’t been whittled down to a murderous villain archetype here.

Force Of Nature ends up being nary a squall, a huge disappointment based on the talent involved.

1/5 Stars

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