VOD REVIEW: Mr. Jones an engaging — if not incredible — political film

This film about the famine in the 1930s Soviet Union is interesting, but never really achieves incredible heights.

While James Norton is convincing as Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, who exposes the truth about what’s going on, he isn’t a hero we particularly leap for.

Much more interesting is the committed performance of Peter Sarsgaard. Long-underrated, the star of Shattered Glass, An Education, and Black Mass comes in with a scene-stealing turn.

While the film has heart and conviction, it’s not particularly thrilling. The well-shot flick with great cinematography just doesn’t make things exciting enough.

However, there’s enough between Sarsgaard, Vanessa Kirby’s wonderful turn, and the beautiful visuals to make this work.

Helmer Agniezka Holland has done episodes of The Wire, House of Cards and Treme, and while Mr. Jones represents the best of TV movie fare, it’s convinced me better things are coming from this director.

3/5 Stars

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