VOD REVIEW: Showgirls takes centre stage in engaging documentary Nomi

When I was growing up — and my mind and heart began to gravitate toward film — I became as aware of the cult classics and big bombs as I did Oscar winners.

Time and time again throughout my youth, I heard about Showgirls: The NC-17 stripper film about drifter Nomi, who makes her way through the ranks as a Las Vegas adult entertainer.

Over 25 years since its arrival, shock director Paul Verhoeven’s smug, endlessly discussed film is the subject of new documentary You Don’t Nomi.

The doc makes a strong case that Showgirls — though met with disdain by critics and audiences in 1995 — has built a solid following and redeemed itself over time.

Using film clips, archival footage, and interviews with critics, stars and more, this is one remarkable journey.

It highlights the good, the worst, and the bad taste involved in the flick. It’s an unflinching portrayal of one of the absolute biggest cultural debates in film.

I had been avoiding Showgirls, unsure if my two hours over the last decade or so would be worth spending on a watch, but director Jeffrey McHale has convinced me.

I can’t speak for Showgirls, but Nomi has made certain a 1995 dud and I have a date this Friday night, and that’s the mark of a fantastic piece of filmmaking.

4/5 Stars

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