VOD REVIEW: Dean Morgan impresses, but Postcard Killings feels derivative

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been commanding the television landscape for four years as Negan in the Walking Dead.

Here, he headlines serial killer thriller The Postcard Killings, and he almost helps the B-movie stick the landing.

The charismatic, gravelly-voiced Morgan absolutely steals all his scenes. He’s more involving than the eventually-revealed serial killers.

Perhaps that’s part of the problem, as in watching murder flicks like Zodiac or Silence Of The Lambs, the villains are just as engaging as the cops. It just doesn’t add up that Morgan so overshadows everyone.

The engaging story about a New York detective investigating his daughter’s murder during her London honeymoon is interesting, but becomes ludicrous as time moved on.

With a journalist’s help, he begins to realize couples are dying all over Europe, and tries to connect the dots, despite police officials’ ask that he stop rooting around.

Director Danis Tanovic goes through the motions with flair and style, but it all feels a little pedestrian.

For all the cliched machinations, Dean Morgan makes the film entertaining, if not totally worthwhile, viewing.

2.5/5 Stars

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