VOD REVIEW: Last Moment proves Weaving can clearly carry a movie

Sometimes expectations are everything. I’m always wary of a up-and-coming thespian headlining a VOD movie.

Last Moment Of Clarity — about a man who becomes obsessed with a movie star who he believes is his fiancee, presumed dead — has an interesting premise, but I was worried the film was a dud, trying to capitalize on star Samara Weaving’s rising star.

With an air of disdain, I began Last Moment and quickly realized this was not your average direct to video flick, regardless of the amateur status of debut writer-directors Colin and James Krisel.

What I got instead was a diverting, entertaining, and sometimes poignant portrayal of a man trying to reconnect with a woman he thought he lost, and his steadfast belief this Hollywood starlet is connected.

Samara Weaving is wonderful as Grace — doubling in flashbacks as the murdered fiancee and the actress facing a man wanting answers.

While Hal Ozsan, best known for arcs on The Blacklist and Jessica Jones, is no match for Weaving, he’s nonetheless serviceable as a co-lead.

Add in intrigue, a rather interesting plot, some nice twists and a supporting turn from veteran Brian Cox, and Last Moment Of Clarity is a whole lot better than it should be.

It’s forgettable and it’s been done before, but Weaving injects enough energy into the flick to make it worth a rainy Sunday watch.

3/5 Stars

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