VOD: Bruce Willis home invasion thriller robs audiences

There used to be a time when a shit-eating grin from Bruce Willis meant an epic ass-kicking was coming.

But as the 65-year-old former action star meanders his way through direct-to-VOD flick Survive The Night, all he does is grimace and groan.

Gone is the prowess of a man we could always expect a smug good time from, even if he sometimes had few words. As the father of a bankrupt, disgraced doctor strong-armed into performing surgery for criminals on the run, he mostly just looks tired.

From Die Hard to Pulp Fiction, Sin City to cheesier hits like Armageddon and The Last Boy Scout, we used to count on Willis. Here he’s little more than a marquee name to dupe less discerning viewers into hitting the ‘rent’ button.

The film’s real star, One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray, is two-note (markedly better than one), but can’t carry the film, even with one limp-armed attempt at help from Willis in film reel shadows.

As the doctor who is strong-armed into helping criminals in his home with his family tied up and threatened, Michael Murray is good, but just not good enough.

An enjoyable last 20 minutes keeps this from being a total stinker, but with non-distinct villains and a cast going through the motions, audiences might as well just use this flick to help them with falling asleep at night.

 1.5/5 Stars

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