VOD REVIEW: Military Wives a fitting, good-hearted tribute to troops

This lovely British film serves as a love song — quite literally — to the troops, and it’s pretty wonderful.

Revolving around the wives of soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, they all come together to form a choir to pass the time. It ends up meaning more to the military — and the women — than they ever could have dreamed.

Kristin Scott Thomas, known for roles in films like The English Patient, Gosford Park and Life As A House, is so enjoyable here. She leads the cast with great charisma and strength, and fills each scene with an effortless charm.

The entire ensemble is lovely, but it’s Sharon Horgan who stands out. The Emmy nominee shares some of the heavier dramatic moments with Scott Thomas, and the chemistry is palpable.

While it may not measure up to director Peter Cattaneo’s classic Oscar nominee The Full Monty, it’s easy to say that Military Wives is easily the best film he’s put out since.

It’ll bring tears to your eyes and make your heart flutter. It’s not destined to bring Cattaneo’s another Oscar nom, but it sure is fantastic for some good old fashioned Brit entertainment.

4/5 Stars

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