VOD REVIEW: Bardem takes the Roads Not Taken, but they’re just too bewildering

Intensely interesting auteur Sally Potter creates a story about the ways life could have turned had the protagonist made different choices.

The film follows a day in the life of Leo, a destitute man who is taken on errands by his daughter Molly, who struggles to care for him as he continues to lose grip on reality.

During the course of the day, his daughter begins to wonder whether she’ll have to make some tough choices to save herself.

With Javier Bardem turning in a great performance and Elle Fanning stealing the show — along with small but mighty performances from Laura Linney and Salma Hayek, it’s saddening to see how messy the film is.

It’s jumbled and unkempt, switching between past, future and how Bardem’s character imagines life would be. The plot is disastrous and confusing, and in the end, it’s all not worth the investment.

It’s frustrating that with all the talent, nothing really adds up here in the end.

2/5 Stars

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