VOD REVIEW: Robert the Bruce is an unmemorable miscue

This legendary epic about the king of Scots in the 14th century turns out to be nothing more than some unenthusiastic entertainment.

Perhaps the most important part of the film is co-writer and star Angus Macfadyen, who while usually formidable, just doesn’t sink his teeth in this time.

Macfadyen is also known for playing Robert the Bruce in Mel Gibson’s truly spectacular Braveheart, and has had incredible roles in Equilibrium, We Bought A Zoo and television show Californication.

He’s been consistently exuberant and reliable, and yet, he looks bored here, plodding through the countryside in no real direction. Strangely enough, he’s by far got the most screen time, but he’s out-acted by almost everyone.

The only true shining light here is Almost Famous star Patrick Fugit, who goes villainous in a rare against-type turn.

While Robert the Bruce is inoffensive and certainly never entirely boring, it also takes absolutely no risks. Like watching the cutting room floor bits of better medieval films, Robert the Bruce should just be better than it is.

Mighty is the hand that wields the sword. One just wishes Macfadyen had the strength to hold this film high.

2/5 Stars




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