VOD REVIEW: Enemy Lines walks well-trodden plot tropes

This unoriginal war film about a secret allied mission during World War II can’t even muster up an original title.

Behind Enemy Lines (2001) was essentially a film about fighting the enemy on their own turf, and this Poland-set movie about the extraction of a captured scientist from the Nazis treads on no new ground.

Helming proceedings is Anders Banke, with no notable credits to his fortune, and writer Michael Wright is similarly green. It shows in this cardboard cut-out movie that takes the best of war films from the last decade and executes the action at a third of the velocity and skill.

Ed Westwick — former Gossip Girl star — has escaped Hollywood exile from his 2017 sexual misconduct allegations and been cleared of all charges, but he looks weathered here.

The actor’s usual charm and grace that made him one to watch is hidden — nay, disappeared — under bad makeup and a brooding demeanour. It’s too bad, because a little bit of flair might have saved this one.

One wonders what bet the lovable Mummy series and Transplant star John Hannah lost to be stuck in a supporting role, but he is one light point.

These stars deserve much better than this film, and if anyone had decided on being the least bit inventive, this could have been some worthwhile entertainment.

So it’s too bad we’re left with something so wholeheartedly derivative.

1.5/5 Stars

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