DIGITAL REVIEW: Blood Quantum offers a fresh, bloody take in zombie genre

Within the first 10 minutes of Blood Quantum, it’s clear writer-director Jeff Barnaby’s zombie film is chalk full of allegory and deeper meanings.

This isn’t just some bloody exercise, but an exploration of larger societal issues. Those flesh-eating undead walkers are just a lens.

Blood Quantum is a tale etched with class warfare, Indigenous rights discussion and themes of familial bond and revenge.

The dead all around isolated reserve Red Crow are coming back to life and the Indigenous population are immune. As they seal off their area, they decide who comes in and who doesn’t.

As they fight for survival, they further close themselves off from the rest of the world due to necessity, but the tensions inside the reserve may be just as dangerous.

Barnaby creates a stunning feature, and the New Brunswick locale he shot in is gorgeous and tremendous. Gorehounds will absolutely delight, and Blood Quantum doesn’t skimp on the blood.

Though many of the actors are green and could use a bit more practice, they never detract from the incredible script and visuals. I missed this one at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival this year, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it on the big screen.

Blood Quantum is an incredible homegrown feature, with huge ideas underneath the surface. It’s a hugely entertaining film and one that will stick with you.

4/5 Stars 


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