REVIEW: Call Of The Wild is energetic, but ultimately tame

Disney’s live-action remake of the famed Jack London novel is nothing if not entertaining, but if it strived for more than diversion, it’s lost its footing.

The story of a sled dog named Buck and his journey and survival in the Yukon makes for some family fun and nice distraction, but pales in comparison to the Mouse House’s classics.

However, as it stands, the dog-loves-human story starring The Intouchables star Omar Sy and the always-fantastic Harrison Ford makes for a great journey film. The key is to not expect too much.

In these trying times, we’re given a beautiful story based on some incredible source material, genuine thrills and a few great laughs. Ford and Sy are respectable in their roles — though neither really has to stretch their acting muscles.

In the end, Call Of The Wild is escapist cinema at its best — no more, no less. But maybe that’s exactly what the world needs right now.

It’s certain to take your mind off things and give you a few smiles along the way.

3/5 Stars

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