VOD REVIEW: Trolls needlessly cranks volume on World Tour

From the makers of a movie inspired by a set of nostalgic dolls comes a completely unnecessary sequel.

The first Trolls film was innocuous, cutesy and spawned a pretty catchy Justin Timberlake hit upon its arrival, but with World Tour, everything is two notches higher with none of the adorable antics to match it.

Troll besties Poppy and Branch, voiced by Anna Kendrick and Timberlake, are still an affable, really enjoyable pair, but they’re placed in a script that just doesn’t give them much to work with.

The thing about World Tour, revolving around a group of rock Trolls trying to take over the diverse, musical kingdom, is that it’s never boring, but it never ignites the senses either.

For a film that is supposed to feature all different types of music, it plays more like bad karaoke than a true singalong. Kids will no doubt be entertained, and the voice cast is impeccable.

But adults may find it more tedious than they had imagined going into the endeavour.

2.5/5 Stars

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