DIGITAL REVIEW: IP Man 4 gives kung fu franchise a fitting finale

This enduring film franchise has seen three truly spectacular films, filled with themes of honour, love and passion for sport.

With IP Man 4, we’re given a spectacular, well-written finale for the flicks that brought Kung Fu movies back to the North American zeitgeist.

Set in the time of Bruce Lee’s western teachings of Kung Fu, IP Man goes to America to see a school for his wayward son, but is held accountable for his disciple Lee’s actions in America.

The Chinese association in America doesn’t want to rock the boat, and attempt to keep Kung Fu pure, and only learned by the Chinese. With IP Man’s opinion that Kung Fu should be inclusive for everyone comes his desertion by the Chinese transplants in America.

He upsets the local martial arts community, and a power struggle between Americans and Bruce Lee, as well as the Chinese and IP Man ensues. With more dramatic heft than the last few entries, this finale holds some really great depth.

Donnie Yen is a true master of the art, and though he falters with some of his acting, the stunts and the true skill he shows is better than ever. This is an invigorating film, and the best in the franchise since the original.

With this film, IP Man lands as one of the best foreign-language franchises to ever be accessed by North American audiences, and the films as a package are a treasure to behold.

4/5 Stars 

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