REVIEW: I spy a misfire with Bautista comedy My Spy

There’s nothing inherently wrong with making an innocuous kids movie.

But for a film that’s supposed to sell us on former wrestler Dave Bautista becoming a bankable, all-genre movie star, this long-delayed flick falters.

Bautista doesn’t have to stretch much to play a bumbling, soft-hearted, entirely cliched CIA agent on a mission watching over a woman and her daughter. But that, inherently, is the film’s biggest problem.

There are no surprises, no twists, no moments we didn’t see coming, and truthfully, I’ve seen the trailer enough times to know every beat the film had coming.

Bautista is funny, and his chemistry with the young, hugely talented, entirely adorable Chloe Coleman is fantastic. But the two just can’t rise above a ho-hum, boring script from writers Erich and Jon Hoeber.

Everyone in this film has done better, including director Peter Segal, whose work on Tommy Boy, 50 First Dates and Steve Carell re-invigoration Get Smart shows he can do better, even if he often chooses not to.

It’s an easy way to spend 90 minutes, but My Spy given the intel you have on the film, it’s not the best way to spend your money.

2/5 Stars

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