REVIEW: Sonic The Hedgehog is the video game film we all deserve

When the initial trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog was revealed, fans nostalgic for the glory days of the Sega Genesis character went bananas.

The animated, cardboard-copy Sonic looked lazy & cheap. The Twitter furor was so heavy, in fact, that filmmaker Jeff Fowler and animators went back to work to create a new-and-improved titular character.

Man, did their expensive gamble pay off. Not only have fans responded by making Sonic a box-office behemoth, but this movie is funnier, more entertaining and more outrageously fun than could have ever been expected.

As a 90’s kid who went in cautious and afraid of my memories of the video-game character would be ruined, I was absolutely thrilled to see this adaptation not only remain faithful to the spirit of the games, but new infuse life into a 30-year-old character.

After Sonic is discovered in a small town, he and wide-eyed sheriff Tom must join forces to beat the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik, intent on Sonic’s destruction.

Ben Schwartz, the playful supporting star in shows like Parks & Recreation and House Of Lies — performs as Sonic with a might and excitement. James Marsden lends his considerable charm and smile to the proceedings as Sherriff Tom.

But it’s the return to form from physical comedy master Jim Carrey as villain Robotnik that makes this film a riot. After taking a few years largely off from the big-screen, he proves he’s still got as much prowess now as he did in his Ace Ventura days.

You’ll go in because of your love of Sonic, but you’ll leave with blissful memories only made possible by this classic Carrey performance.

This movie is an all-round joy, and the most fun I’ve had in a theatre in longer than I care to remember.

4/5 Stars



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