REVIEW: The Boy II loses all momentum of original

When The Boy was released in 2016, the low-budget horror flick took everyone who ventured to see it by surprise.

With a final-act twist no one saw coming and a suitably creepy premise, it’s bound for cult classic status. And yet, this low-rent sequel capitalizes on the adoration of the original without ever coming near its level.

A family moved into the Heelshire Mansion following a home invasion that leaves the family shaken. The only child, young Jude, has stopped speaking and the mother suffers constant headaches from blunt force trauma.

They begin to deal with the getaway from hell once Jude unearths creepy doll Brahms — and all the doll’s terror and past come with him.

Katie Homes is bland as the matriarch, and with her penchant from ruining movies (here’s looking at Batman Begins), I’m wondering why she was ever cast.

The most talented actor in the film is Gotham star Christopher Convery, who performs circles around his co-stars. There are so many red herrings and needless jump scares that the film never really builds momentum.

With an insane, ridiculous third-act twist, this is my vote for the most disappointing film thus far this year.

1/5 Stars

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