DIGITAL REVIEW: Ophelia an inspired twist on the classic Shakespearian tragedy

The incredible William Shakespeare play Hamlet is given a treatment from young Ophelia’s perspective in this interesting film.

Headed to BluRay on February 25, it’s a must have for any film aficionado looking for a rare gem. Full of twists and great takes on a tried-and-true story, it’s a film that surprises.

1917 star George Mackay is incredible here, but it’s Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley who truly shines as Ophelia. She’s the heart of this film, and she’s absolutely compelling.

She acts circles around the certainly serviceable Mackay, as well as Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. That isn’t to say the rest of the cast isn’t fantastic, because they are.

But if you were looking for Ridley to prove her worth past blockbuster turns, this has been her coming out party.

Director Claire McCarthy gives us her best film yet, and this adaptation goes through all the typical plot points of the overdone play without ever making things feel stale.

This is a wonderful adaptation, and it earns a spot as one of my largest surprises to come on video in 2020 so far.

4/5 Stars

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