DIGITAL REVIEW: Frozen II not a classic, but still delivers the goods

The whole gang is back for Disney’s Frozen II, which just arrived on BluRay.

The sisterly bond of Anna and Elsa is once again explored in this imaginative, fantastic animated film. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Film, it’s not the classic its predecessor was, but there is a lot to adore here.

When their home Arendelle is besieged, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave to the forest to try to save their kingdom.

Just like the original, there are plenty of fantastic songs and shining moments, even if there is nothing of “Let It Go” magnitude.

Josh Gad is scene-stealing once again as snowman Olaf, and the trio of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff are charming as ever.

With Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood and Alfred Molina joining the proceedings, this one has just enough to keep things fresh.

It’s always a joy and you’re sure to leave smiling. This one is definitely a necessary add to your BluRay collection, especially if you have kids.

4/5 Stars

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