DIGITAL REVIEW: Jojo Rabbit an imaginative, unhinged satire

Following six Oscar nominations, including a Best Picture bid and a win for Best Adapted Screenplay, Jojo Rabbit hits BluRay shelves February 18.

The pitch-black satire is the strangest awards-season movie you’ll see this year, with a host of oddball performances, zealous directing from Taika Waititi, and a fantastic central turn from child actor Roman Griffin Davis as a member of Hitler’s army.

The film follows the boy as he discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in the attic of their family home, and his conflicting feelings as he falls for the girl and wrestles with his want to obey Hitler’s rule.

The screenplay, adapted by Waititi from the Christine Leunens novel, is outlandish and provides for some of the greatest laugh-out-loud moments of the year.

Featuring a nominated supporting performance from Scarlett Johansson (also competing in the Lead Actress category for Marriage Story), along with turns from Sam Rockwell, Waititi as Hitler, Rebel Wilson and more, this is a film to relish.

With child actors that more than hold their own, a game adult cast and a finished product like no other you’ve seen in years, you have to see this one in theatres while you still have the chance.

4/5 Stars

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