DIGITAL REVIEW: Kill Chain another indistinguishable, low-rent Nic Cage thriller

Writer-director Ken Sanzel — once the writer on The Replacement Killers — now helps this Nic Cage borefest limp onto DVD.

Cage is the best thing, nay, the only thing good about this film. While it tries to be a noir three-timeline film that intersects — it never does so with any tangibility.

With only minor roles from True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten and vet Enrico Colantoni, it’s largely up to Cage to carry the proceedings. Though he has facial expressions and mannerisms like no other, he’s far from top of his game.

He saunters in and out of the frame as a seedy hotel owner with a difficult past, never losing our attention but never gaining an entire grip.

Overall, that’s the sum of this film’s parts. It’s diverting but never wholly enjoyable, and it’s yet another failed attempt at a revenge vehicle trying to capitalize on Cage. It just doesn’t work here.

1.5/5 Stars

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