Digital Review: Parasite is, by far, the crowning achievement of 2019

This original review was posted during the FIN: International Film Festival in Halifax in September. Parasite has become my favourite film of 2019, and is a must-have on BluRay or digital.


The thing about Parasite is, it’s 10 different genres cocooned into one film.

It starts as a slow-burn, with essences of great comedy and slapstick, and moves into a Grifters-style con movie, before turning the volume up to 11 and becoming something I couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried.

Parasite succeeds on every level, in every frame of the picture. It’s the very definition of frenetic, and it’s happy to find harmony in the chaotic nature of Joon-ho Bong’s direction and truly masterful screenplay.

By the time you reach the final 20 minutes, this cocooned multi-genre concoction has split itself open and the entire affair has flown to new heights.

It manages to top itself over and over again, pushing the viewer to the brink, then reeling them back in once again. The FIN audience gasped, laughed audibly, stomped their feet and thanked the festival for this film with a huge ovation as soon as Bong’s name hit the credit reel.

This is unlike anything I’ve seen in the past five years, with performances and an ensemble that transcend descriptors. The film is captivating and the entire thing makes for the most beguiling, entrancing time at the movies this year.

Parasite is a masterpiece, and I can’t begin to describe the plot. Read nothing, spoil nothing. Go see it for yourself the minute it hits cinemas. It will remind you just how immersive a truly remarkable film can be.

5/5 Stars

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