REVIEW: Jamie Foxx gives his all for heady drama Just Mercy

This invigorating, emotional courtroom drama from Glass Castle director Destin Daniel Cretton marks a maturity for him as a filmmaker.

Featuring a slew of fantastic performance, including Jamie Foxx in his most resonant role since his 2004 Academy Award-winning turn as Ray Charles, this is a masterclass of a wrongful conviction film, and one that this year’s Oscars wrongly ignored.

Foxx deserved that Supporting Actor nod this year and the fact he didn’t get it as real-life southern man Walter McMillan, wrongfully convicted of murder, is a real awards season travesty.

The story of attempts to have him released, and the heady lawyer and civil rights activist Bryan Stevenson who worked to help the death row inmate, is a passionate tale, and one that left my cinema without many dry eyes.

Michael B. Jordan proves once again he’s a force to be reckoned with, Brie Larson is as reliable as ever, and both Tim Blake Nelson and Rob Morgan make the most of limited screen-time to stay engraved in audiences’ memories.

This is one that the Oscars got wrong, and is sure to become a cult classic in the next decade. Foxx is so damn good it’s astonishing, and he’s reason alone to see the film.

4/5 Stars

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