REVIEW: Grudge remake should have stayed buried

The Grudge — itself a remake of a classic Japanese horror flick — was a box-office smash in 2004.

The Sarah Michelle Gellar film spawned two terrible sequels, and in fact, the remake itself what never particularly good to begin with.

But now, 15 years on, we’re given a re-imagining to the remake, because that’s what the film world needs: Less creativity.

The 2020 Grudge iteration is just as senseless as its predecessors, with little to no plot and a first third that traverses its way through so many time periods you’ll end up dizzied.

One thing I can say is the cast is formidable, with John Cho, Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver, The Hateful Eight & The Nun’s Demian Bichir, and Insidious vet Lin Shaye. Though it’s not always pleasing or entertaining, the cast keep things interesting.

The final third, truthfully, is mercilessly scary, with some truly great twists. All I can do is hold out hope that writer-director Nicolas Pesce picks a better project for his next fright fest.

1.5/5 Stars

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