REVIEW: Waves a heartbreakingly genuine emotional triumph

Search high and low through the glorious cinema greats of the last 10 years, and you’ll find nothing that will crash down over you like Waves.

With this emotional family drama, writer-director Trey Edward Shultz has created one of the most distinct, passionate and compelling pictures of the millennium.

Waves is a journey film — a gather-round aesthetic tale — of young Tyler, played with such grace and pain by Kelvin Harrison Jr. that we forget this is an actor just on the cusp of a career.

As he battles the expectations of his dominant father and endures with the consequences of his teenage, immature actions, we battle right along with him.

All at once, Waves will pull you into the undertow in a sea of love, loss, forgiveness and splinters of hope.

To tell you what happens in Waves is to ruin the experience for you, but Harrison Jr., This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown, director Shultz and the unbelievable ensemble carry this film to some incredible heights.

This is one of the most difficult, unabashedly beautiful film experiences of the year, even if the events of the screenplay are nothing but pretty.

To truly be touched by a film is to feel the pain, the love, the heartache and the tender moments, and with Waves, you can’t help but become enveloped in every precious second.

5/5 Stars

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