REVIEW: Charlie’s Angels a feminist actioner with a shallow plot

That the Charlie’s Angels reboot is written, directed, and stars all women is a testament to how far Hollywood has come.

That this revolutionary moment for cinema doesn’t bother to make itself worthwhile viewing is a monumental missed opportunity.

Writer-director Elizabeth Banks assembles a fantastic cast for a standard action flick, but where it falters is giving its cast something to do beyond look pretty and do the same old stunts.

With a revved up performance from Twilight alum Kristen Stewart, and some wonderful turns from Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska, they’re sadly wasted in a by-the-numbers film that looks beautiful but doesn’t go past the glossy surface.

Not even a supporting cast including Jonathan Tucker (a truly delightful villain), Patrick Stewart and Sam Claflin can elevate things.

This is a reboot that had everything going for it — and a subpar original to improve upon — but it does nothing new.

This could have been a landmark, kick-ass all-woman affair, but this is instead a film without a purpose, leaving it to blend in with all the other mediocre movies this year.

2.5/5 Stars

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