REVIEW: Double Tap offers solid thrills, none of the novelty of original Zombieland

What was so beautiful about 2009’s Zombieland was the unique, twisted blend of humour, pop culture influence and self-aware stature.

It became a modern classic with some pretty wonderful horror thrills and visuals, and cemented Woody Harrelson as a quotable anti-hero.

But a full decade later, though sequel Double Tap provides a whole lot of laughs and just as much bloody fun as the original, it loses the lustre and brash sleekness of the original.

The cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Harrelson, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone features eight Oscar nominations and one win (Stone for La La Land) between them, and yet, we never feel like we’re really getting anything high calibre.

With the director of the original, who went on to do Venom, and writer Rhett Reese back after a stint writing two Deadpool movies, this just isn’t as fresh and fearless as it could be.

It’s a serviceable sequel, and some great supporting performances from Zoey Deutch, Rosario Dawson and a comical Luke Wilson help breathe some new life, but in the end, Double Tap isn’t much more than an elevated rehash.

It’s funny enough, and a nice reunion for fans of the original. It’s certainly not (un)dead on arrival, but by its end, the franchise starts to gasp for air.

3/5 Stars

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