REVIEW: Jay and Silent Bob skewer reboots while reviving Kevin Smith’s career

If there’s one thing Kevin Smith has always been able to do, it’s tap into the nostalgic veins of his fans.

Sadly, with bombs like Yoga Hosers, Tusk and more, he’s had more than a few bad intervening years since his last comedy.

But with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, writer-director Kevin Smith finds his groove once again, and as he slides into Bob’s trenchcoat, fans can find solace in old comforts.

The raunch is set to high, the bromance is brimming between actors and real-life buddies Smith and Jason Mewes, and the send-ups and self-aware skewering of reboots and remakes is on point.

A full 18 years after Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the two heroes return to stop a reboot of Bluntman and Chronic from getting made.

With a tender side, it’s Jason Mewes who really shines here and shows his chops. This is the first time in a decade I’ve gone to a Kevin Smith movie and really felt connected to a man who informed my teenagehood.

With cameos from Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Rosario Dawson, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Lee, Justin Long, Val Kilmer and more, this is one hell of a cast he’s assembled, and it shows a serious faith in Smith as a filmmaker.

But here, Smith’s daughter — underserviced in Yoga Hosers — really takes centre stage. Harley Quinn Smith is as smart, hilarious and foul mouthed as her father, and is a fantastic audition to the cast.

At the end of it all, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot doesn’t reinvent the wheel, so to speak. But it sure does show Smith at his self-deprecating, fan-serving best, and it’s nice to have him back in the saddle.

4/5 Stars

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