REVIEW: Jennifer Lopez absolutely owns in Hustlers

When Steven Soderbergh, in all his experimental glory, directed a drama about the lives of male strippers, people got more than they bargained for with Magic Mike.

I’d contend Hustlers, inspired by a true story, is the female empowerment version of Magic Mike, and Jennifer Lopez gives the bravura performance of her career.

It follows former strippers who begin a dangerous scam to reap money from their Wall Street clients. Part-market collapse exploration and part con artist drama, this is a movie you have to see to believe.

Lopez has a decent shot at Best Supporting Actress nod at the Golden Globes as career stripper Ramona, and Constance Wu sheds her Crazy Rich Asians good girl persona with this incredible performance.

With supporting turns from musicians Lizzo and Cardi B, as well as a scene-stealing turn from Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, this cast turns Hustlers into one of the most surprising, crowd-pleasing films of the year.

4/5 Stars

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