REVIEW: Goldfinch threads of many stories with no satisfying conclusion

The Goldfinch is brought to life from the incredible Donna Tartt novel, and yet barely any of the grace, sophistication and emotional heft is kept in this adaptation.

The story of a young boy who is adopted by a rich family after a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art claims his mother’s life has so much squandered potential. As we weave through the life Theo Decker, from childhood to adulthood, we’re given some wonderful vignettes, but they never quite make one full movie.

Director John Crowley — who made the incredible Brooklyn — made a significant misstep with The Goldfinch, and sadly his cast of incredible actors can’t lift this one up.

It’s convoluted, bloated and unnecessary, despite the fact Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, and Jeffrey Wright are intensely watchable. Even Luke Wilson shows more range in a supporting role here than he has in years.

But none of it is enough, and The Goldfinch is destined to become another book-to-film adaptation that never quite lands.

2/5 Stars

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