FIN Review: Hefner doc glows on his After Dark

This film isn’t a story about Hugh Hefner, but of that platform he created for others.

With his Playboy After Dark program, he allowed people a platform to discuss ideas or expose the audience to different nuances and opinions that were outside the norms of the time.

This incredible, late addition to the FIN line-up replaced The Artist’s Wife when it was cancelled, and was great for the festival.

Directed by Academy Award winner Brigitte Berman with style and flair, it’s a really fantastic watch.

His variety show tackled racism, the movement against people deemed “Un-American” in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and he pushed for freedom of speech in a society that wasn’t open to it at the time.

He featured controversial figures — many now lauded — including Ray Charles, Sammy Davis Jr. and more. This is a fantastic examination of the culture at the time.

4/5 Stars

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