FIN Review: Tremors an unsettling exploration of conversion therapy

This harrowing tale of a husband and father who comes out in Guatemala City is one of the most affecting — if not exciting — films this year.

The story of 40-year-old Pablo, and the things he loses when he declares his love for his gay partner, is so off-putting it will cause your stomach to turn over at points.

The practicing Christian is chastised by his family, his parents and his friends for the relationship he knows to be more than just carnal lust. He is in love in an area and time where it’s dangerous to be gay.

When he’s introduced to a church program that is meant to cure him, Pablo must choose between his love and true feelings and keeping his family. It’s an excruciating ordeal on-screen and for viewers.

Writer-director Jayro Bustamente creates a strong, tension-fraught LGBTQ+ film, and one that left me stirred and unsettled, even if it didn’t quite reach the heights I hoped it would.

3.5/5 Stars

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