FIN Review: My Dads, My Moms and Me shows the challenges of LGBTQ+ parenthood, but doesn’t solve much

This well-shot, interesting documentary My Dads, My Moms and Me is a unique take on having queer parents, and what that means for children in this age.

We are shown three sets of parents at one point, and then we’re shown the families again 12 years later. What a difference a decade can make in the lives of the family unit.

As these parents defy the norms and break down barriers, they’re showing us that the same triumphs and struggles can exist in all kinds of families. The relationships the kids have with their parents — and whether they struggle with the sexuality of their role models — is looked at as well.

This is a well-thought-out, entertaining and intriguing peek behind the curtain into the lives of these people. Julia Ivanova creates a distinct and passionate picture without using music or theatrics to gain our sympathy.

We give that freely. But perhaps the lives of the three families struck me as so sad and difficult because I hoped — and prayed — they’d have it easier. This film is a testament to the fact life is messy, no matter your sexuality.

It lacks the heft emotionally I hoped for, but this clear-cut documentary is a heck of a watch regardless.

3.5/5 Stars

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