FIN Review: INXS documentary tells the amazing story of a huge rock band and a troubled front-man

This incredible, visually stunning documentary follows the life and difficulties INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence faced throughout his career.

Writer-director Richard Lowenstein creates an astounding, honest portrayal of the man without ever apologizing for his behaviour.

The truth is that Michael Hutchence was a difficult person, and he struggled a great deal. His upbringing was not the best and he barely had a chance. But the strength here is Lowenstein never asks you to cut Hutchence a break.

If you do, like I did, it’s because you’ve become enthralled in him, and everything he went through. It’s because you can identify with his pain and struggle.

To finally understand and see the story — and some incredible interviews — behind one of the biggest rock groups of the 1980’s is a pure treat.

INXS were, and still are, loved the world over. Hopefully this window into Hutchence will be another reason to show the band and the front-man reverence.

4/5 Stars

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