FIN Review: King Bibi gives an inside look at a deceiving

This character examination of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, now the Prime Minister of Israel, draws some incredible parallels to Trump, the pompous U.S. President.

Bibi, who began as a meek spokesperson, has worked as an ambassador in Washington, and this is his second term as PM. He’s evolved over time to become one of the most media-savvy, ambitious and manipulative leaders in the world.

This idea of fake news was popularized with Bibi’s intense dislike of media, and the man who helped him with attack ads on opponents now works for Trump. Loved by many people, and hated by the media, Bibi is both a pariah and a saviour, depending who you ask.

One thing is clear: Director Dan Shadur lays out an intense, while problematic, story and lets us decide what we like — and what we don’t — about Mr. Netanyahu.

This was an interesting, really enjoyable documentary, with a sly, intelligent streak to it.

4/5 Stars

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