FIN Review: Swans documentary a visually striking masterpiece

I knew absolutely nothing about the band Swans going into this feature, and now, I feel like I’ve known front-man Michael Gira my entire life.

This visually stunning, bass-booming tale of Swans’ work as a post-punk band, their successes and failures, and their ultimate legacy is nothing short of enthralling.

With in-depth, honest interviews, the door is pushed fully open on Swans and everything the band went through, including their highs and lows.

In a festival where there’s so much great content, somehow the style and grandeur Where Does A Body End? exhibits sets it apart from the rest.

It’s an incredible exploration of the people behind the music, and all of the struggles they faced. Marco Porsia has created a stunning documentary, and this is one of the best-shot films of 2019 FIN.

It’s a fantastic cinematic achievement, and gives an in-depth look at this enduring band.

4.5/5 Stars

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