FIN Review: Corporate Coup puts a face to political greed

This intense, dynamic documentary from Alfred Peabody tackles the idea that poverty, corporate greed and other ills have made way for Trump to become president.

As political type presidents before him broke promises and became more untrustworthy, something had to give. With blue collar workers disenfranchised and disillusioned with the Clintons, a “man of the people” from reality television and the pop culture lexicon rose up.

He wasn’t necessarily the candidate all who voted for him wanted. But people in Detroit? People who were impoverished and underworked? They hoped he could fix those problems. Now everyone must deal with the results of the symptomatic economic depression in the United States.

Corporations held a hand in this, in a reverse-Robin Hood situation where they bought back stock after a senate decision rather than helping humans and working class in the economy.

This is a heavily intense documentary covering the evolution of the increasingly volatile political atmosphere in the States, and worth a look.

3.5/5 Stars

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