FIN Review: Alpha is a superb gritty crime drama

This incredible story of drug trafficking, dirty cops and all around betrayal is one of the most intriguing of FIN 2019.

When the Phillipines Government and SWAT-led police execute a raid in the drug-infested slums of Manilla, they call it a victory. And yet, questions are raised about the killings of some suspects on the scene, and whether they followed protocol.

As police face scrutiny over the shootings and whether the suspects were armed, we’re given a timely piece that connects to issues we face at home as well.

When police officer Espino walks off with drugs and money along with his informant Elijah, they make plans to split the proceeds of the drug sales in a flushed out market. But a few major events cause the officer to abandon his values and resort to a ‘survival of the fittest’ attitude.

This was a huge surprise and a powerful entry, and director Brillante Mendoza creates a surprising, interesting meditation on society, policing and corruption.

4.5/5 Stars

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