FIN Review: Jeune Juliette a coming-of-age delight

It’s the most adorable FIN film I’ve seen four days into the festival, and I need to say Jeune Juliette is a favourite of mine this year.

This breezy — yet endlessly entertaining and topical — French coming-of-age comedy has some of the most wonderful characters I’ve seen on screen in a while.

Juliette is a beautiful high school sophomore, teased for her weight at school. She’s funny, adventurous, bold and charismatic, but can’t seem to find her place in the world.

She’s in love with her caring, attentive older brother’s best friend, and she spends her days babysitting a young boy with a disability and hanging out with her equally disenfranchised best friend.

They may be low on the high school totem pole, but people like this — with so much heart and spirit — are the people you root for. And I fell in love with young Juliette’s personality and pluckiness instantly.

Anne Emond wrote and directed this lovely little film, and in the lead role, Alexane Jamieson is a sheer delight, start to finish.

This is one you simply have to see and enjoy for yourself.

4.5/5 Stars

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