FIN Review: Greener Grass a quirky, exquisite feature

This IFC Midnight film is one of the whackiest productions of the year, and it’s a polarizing film for sure.

It will either leave you in stitches with its to-the-brink satire of suburban culture, or leave you dumbfounded as to what you just watched. I fell strong into the former camp.

What began as bewilderment quickly gave way to intense, guttural belly laughs at the sheer stupidity and reckless abandon with which the film tackles its themes.

Directors Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe have written and directed a film that, for better or worse, is like no other this year. It’s about suburban soccer moms, and the competition for family glory, and glory in all other areas of their lives.

This movie is one of the most baffling, playful films of the festival so far, and the performances, including small roles for D’Arcy Carden and the incredible Dot-Marie Jones, are absolutely on point.

If you’re a cultivator of strange content, this one’s definitely for you.

3.5/5 Stars

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