FIN Review: Tasha Hubbard documentary stands up to senseless violence on First Nations people

nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up is a breathtaking portrayal of the senseless killing of young Cree man Colton Boushie.

Winner of the Best Canadian Feature honour at Hot Docs 2019, it tells the story of injustice in a 100-year-old Saskatchewan justice system, systemic racism, and the difficulty of letting the courts decide.

Boushie died from a point-blank heat shot while on Gerald Stanley’s property with his friends. This documentary tells Boushie’s story through in-depth interviews, covers the court case, and widens its scope after the case concludes.

Tasha Hubbard creates a profound, jaw-dropping narrative here, and asks all the tough questions. This absolutely stunning documentary ensures those who see it will never forget Boushie, or what happened that fateful day.

We Will Stand Up is a testament to just how powerful raw, unedited emotion can be on-screen, and you can feel the family’s pain. This one kept me absorbed the whole runtime.

4/5 Stars

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