FIN Review: Drag Kids gives an admirable, sensitive look at kids who love the craft

Have you ever been made fun of because you’re different? Ever been forced to hide your bright demeanour because others might not approve?

Then this film is for you. Winner of Best Canadian Feature at the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, it’s a sparkling portrayal of the lives of four child drag superstars in the making.

Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis had never met before coming together for the Montreal Pride Festival, but when their supportive parents bring them together, they bond and grow to love each other as they embrace drag culture and the whole scene.

For those who think children in drag is a sexual, revolting thing, do me a favour and just stay away from this flick. You’re going to miss the point. These children are brave, emboldened individuals who do exactly what makes them happy, despite what society may think.

This is a film about empowerment, familial love, and both your blood relatives and the family you choose. To see parents so supportive of their kids at a young age is awe-inspiring.

This film surely could have attacked its topic with a bit more analytical prowess, but as a character piece, these lovable kids make great subjects. It’s a joy to watch these kids and their parents on-screen.

Drag Kids is a glamourous treasure and truly important, and it’s by and large a eye-opening time at the movies.

4/5 Stars

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