FIN Review: Standing On The Line a thoughtful examination of sexuality in sport

One only needs to look at the small number of openly gay football and hockey players to realize that being LGBTQ+ remains taboo in the locker room.

Now the subject of an intense, hopeful documentary, director Paul Émile d’Entremont has created a work that can give others athletes to idolize. Furthermore, it may give others courage to come out as well, and that could make all the difference.

Following a former soccer star, former hockey player, two former high school footballers, and a former ice skater, this film gives is Canadian — and Atlantic Canadian — athletes to look up to.

They speak about their experiences with LGBTQ+ issues, ranging from acceptance to flat-out ignorance, and show that while there’s major room for improvement, there are allies out there in the athletic trenches who can help.

This is a truly moving documentary, and as a young gay man, this one hit home particularly hard. It’s a tough watch, but the rigour with which d’Entremont made this doc does the subject justice.

4/5 Stars

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