FIN REVIEW: Her Last Project an intimate portrait of an incredible woman

Dr. Shelly Sarwal’s struggle with Multiple System Atrophy, and the way she takes control of her death — and her final months at the same time — is spellbinding.

The Halifax physician decides to die through the recently-legalized Medical Assistance in Dying program, and she becomes the first in the province to donate her organs while doing the program.

Her journey to celebrate her final moments and come to terms with her death on her own time is absolutely spellbinding, and she puts healthcare professionals in the position of discussing organ donation with her — as the donor — while she’s still living.

It’s difficult to describe this film and the legacy Sarwal has left without telling you too much, because the film was truly captivating. She’s never lost for words, and her joy for life and love spread to those around her.

I found myself teary-eyed more than a few times, because by the midway point of director Rosvita Dransfield’s exploration into this exemplary woman’s life, I felt like I was just another of her friends.

This film allows Sarwal’s memory to live on, and it’s a testament to what you can achieve when you live every day with a purpose. This is an absolutely awe-striking film, and an ultimately powerful portrayal of its subject.

4/5 Stars

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