FIN PREVIEW: The paintings and life of Mary Pratt make for an All So Wonderful affair

The enigmatic, truly precious Mary Pratt is one of the most revered painters in Atlantic Canada.

Her work emitted strong reactions and inflections from people all over, and her labeling as a feminist icon was never quite embraced, even by the artist herself.

Like a blank canvas, she allowed others to paint her with whatever brush they chose, all the while smiling and churning out beautiful works of art, dating back to 1950.

Pratt and her life, the good and the bad, are depicted in It Was All So Wonderful, a tender, evocative documentary from writer-director Kenneth J. Harvey.

She was an interesting woman, and her life breathed more mystery and intrigue into the world than even her paintings.

This documentary — while simply shot — isn’t a visual spectacle, but it’s also pretty fantastic to feel like you’re sitting at Pratt’s coffee table, having an intimate, cheeky conversation with the woman herself.

That, right there, is where the film succeeds. The portrait of Pratt truly is a wonderful sight.

3.5/5 Stars

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