REVIEW: Brittany’s Marathon should earn Jillian Bell a Golden Globe

Jillian Bell has been your favourite supporting character for years.

From 22 Jump Street to Rough Night and her scene-stealing role in Comedy TV show Workaholics, she’s been around for a few years gaining the hearts and making us laugh.

With Brittany Runs A Marathon, Jillian Bell has taken that final stride into leading role status, and she rises to the occasion.

Bell is absolutely comical as Brittany, the fun-loving, hard-drinking girl who undergoes a difficult transformation from underachiever to a runner in the New York City marathon.

Her journey is comical and the sheer joy Bell brings to the screen is magnetic. She was the perfect choice, and this little tale about body image and female empowerment also shows her dramatic depth as an actress.

This was a fantastic, multi-layered comedy, and if you can find a way to see it, this little indie deserves your eyes immediately.

Give Bell the Golden Globe for best comedy actress now, because she absolutely deserves it.

4/5 Stars

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